Hydra-Neb is a sterile 0.9% saline solution for inhalation using a pneumatic or ultrasonic nebuliser.

Hydra-Neb 0.9% isotonic solution for inhalation is highly compatible with human body fluids and ensures sufficient humidification of the respiratory mucosa.

Each box of Hydra-Neb 0.9% contains 4 strips of 5 blow-moulded hermetically sealed plastic vials each containing 2.5ml of solution.

  • Available on Drug Tariff
  • Preservative free
  • Bioequivalent to leading brands
  • Up to 50% cost saving over leading brands
Brand Format Price PIP Code
Hydra-Neb 0.9% 20×2.5ml vials £10.80 404-0978

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Hydra-Ned pack and ampules

Serious savings for the NHS!

Every year the NHS spends approximately £19.5m on isotonic saline solution for inhalation. By switching to Hydra-Neb 0.9% you can help the NHS save up to £7m a year.

How To Order

Alliance Healthcare (Distribution) Ltd wholesale and distribute our entire range. Please contact them to place orders.

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