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Resp-Ease 7%

Sterile 7% hypertonic sodium chloride solution.


For inhaltion only.

Preservative Free.



Increases the mobilisation of secretions in the lower respiratory tract by osmotic effects. Prevents drying of bronchial mucous. This hypertonic saline solution 7% is for inhalation and can be used with pneumatic or ultrasonic nebulisers. Use your nebuliser according to the manufacturer's instructions provided with the system.


Forms and presentations:

Pack of 60 single-dose vials of 4ml.



Sodium chloride: 7g, purified water qs 100ml, preservative free.


Directions and precautions for use:

Refer to the patient information leaflet (PIL).

PIL Sample Request

Chemist and Druggist PIP Code: 401-1607


To order please contact Alliance Healthcare on: 020 8391 2323

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